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Holmleigh Park High School


Our Curriculum

We have been working with colleagues from other Greenshaw schools to put together a first-class online curriculum, so that we are prepared for any year groups who need to self-isolate. Lessons in our core subjects (English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, French, RE and PE) will all follow the same format:

  • Each lesson will continue to start with a short quiz

  • The main portion of the lesson will be a video recorded by one of our teachers, in which they explain new concepts and guide students towards particular tasks

  • Finally, the lesson will end with another short quiz, called an “Exit Ticket”

Other subjects will also set work via Google Classroom, but may deviate slightly from the above. 

Tassomai, Sparx and self-quizzing homework should also continue to be completed as normal.


In the event of a year group self-isolating, we will continue to follow our normal timetable. So if you would have had Maths on a Monday, you will be set an online Maths lesson on Monday.

It's not necessary to complete your lesson at the exact time it's set, but you should submit all of your work by the end of each day. 

For information, the timings of the day are: 


08:30-08:55 Tutor Time Reading
09:00-09:50 Period 1
09:55-10:50 Period 2
11:10-12:05 Period 3
12:10-13:05 Period 4
13:35-14:30 Period 5
14:35-15:00 DEAR Time