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Holmleigh Park High School

Exam Performance

Exam Performance

Public examinations did not take place in 2020 and 2021. 

Our latest exam results can be found on the the DfE's Find School Performance website. Please click here to visit Holmleigh Park's page. (Please note, while GCSE results have now been published nationally, Sixth Form results will not be published on the DfE's website until later in the year). 

Below you can find a summary of our results. Please note, not all Sixth Form measures have been validated yet so will not be included; these will be updated later in the year. 

Sixth Form


2022 result (2019 result)

A Level Average Attainment

B- (D+)

A Level A*-B %

62% (15%)

Vocational Average Attainment

Distinction (Merit)

Vocational Dist*/Dist

75% (25%)

Retention (% of students completing their programme of study)

Not yet validated

Destinations (percentage of students staying in education, employment or training after Key Stage 5)

Not yet validated


Year 11


2022 result (2019 result)

Progress 8 Score

-0.02 (-1.04)

% of students gaining 5+ in English and Maths

43% (23%)

Attainment 8 score

45.2 (35.1)

EBacc average point score


% pupils entered into EBacc


Destinations (percentage of students staying in education or training after Key Stage 4)

Not yet validated