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Holmleigh Park High School

Careermag for Parents, Careers & Guardians - Issue 11

Careermag for Parents, Careers & Guardians - Issue 11

Welcome Back!

Another academic year and all the hope that that brings! As parents and carers, I am sure that you will welcome the start of a routine again after the summer break.

The next few years of your child’s education are such important ones, not just because of their academic achievements and the knowledge they will learn, but also because of who they will become. In this time, they are going to be forming into adults, working out what they want and don’t want and what their future may look like.

In a changing world, the possibilities also change. The options available to them include vocational pathways as well as A-levels and GCSEs. They include graduate schemes, apprenticeships, internships as well as degrees.

The possibilities are endless, which is why this magazine is such an important publication to guide you through. If you want to find a map to plan the route ahead, this is the place to be!