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Holmleigh Park High School


Homework is assigned to students on Monday and will appear in their Sparx page at 7am that day. It will be due the following Monday at 7am. Students need to bring in their Sparx homework book to be checked by their teacher on the Monday (or first lesson in the new week if students don’t have maths on a Monday). With Covid restrictions in mind we are still developing the safest way for staff to do this. 

Below is a link to a number of video clips showing how to log in, how students need to set out their work, what they need to write out and why, and finally some examples.

Link for Sparx knowledge base student training video clips.

They must complete all tasks in the homework section. They must score 80% or above and if unable to do so must have watched the videos on the tasks they are stuck on. 

They must also complete all tasks in the 'optional' tab (this is NOT optional at HP)

If they want to improve further, they have the choice of doing the task in the 'target' tab, this is not mandatory and will not be checked. 

For more information please contact
Mr. C Buckenham - Teacher of Mathematics [email protected]

Friday 18th Notice

We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with Sparx homework assigning. This has meant your son/daughter will currently be seeing 2 homework’s rather than the one that is normal. 

There is one due today (Friday 18th) labelled week 2, which should be due on the morning of the 21st.

There is also one due Monday (21st), labelled week 3, which should be due on the 28th.

We can not change these dates online but will extend the due date for both until the 28th in the real world, so will not look to check completions until then. We hope to revert to normal Monday to Monday homework for week 4.