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Holmleigh Park High School

February Homework pack

Monday - 10am > 12:30pm - Sport

Tuesday - 10am > 12:30pm - iMedia | 13:00 > 4:00pm - Music

Friday - 10am > 12:30pm - Science | 12:30 > 4:00pm - Maths

Subject Work to be completed Completed Red Amber



1. Complete the Singh Song and Winter Swans comparative essay on unsettled relationships in your poetry booklet. 30 mins.

2. 1 hour - Romeo and Juliet - Create revision notes on the themes of justice and parent/child relationships. Include notes on Friar Lawrence and the Nurse.

3. 1 hour - 19th Century Text - A Christmas Carol.    Create revision notes on the themes of poverty and redemption. Include notes on what Fred and Fezziwig represent.


Jekyll and Hyde. Create revision notes on the themes of Duality and Science v Religion.. Include notes on Lanyon and Utterson

Maths Regular 5x Hegarty Tasks + Daily 10 questions + 2x past papers (45 min papers)        
Science  Complete the set of questions on required practicals        
Geography Tasks on Seneca (Topic 2 Development Dynamics) and tasks in revision guides (Topics 7 to 9) pp.84-103        
History Complete the remainder of the Health and the People exam question booklet. Use your HATP knowledge organiser to complete this. In addition, you need to complete revision task 1, 2 + 3 in the Germany content booklet. Use your Germany knowledge organiser to complete this.        
R.E. GCSE Revision Guide Crime and Punishment section:
1)        PP 126-129 Identify and write down an explanation of each key terms and a clear summary of what Christians believe including any Bible/Religious reference.
Check through the whole chapter to make sure that you have all of the key terms. (1 Hour)
2)        Complete Page 101 of the Revision Workbook Key Terms (30 mins)
3)        Complete the exam practice questions from pp130-133 in the REVISION GUIDE and mark your answers in Green as before   (1 HR) Answers are in the back of the book
Citizenship You will need to revise the topic ‘Bringing About Political Change’. You will need to:
-Create flashcards of all forms of action that can be taken to bring about political change.
-Create flashcards of the bodies that give different voices for different groups in society.
-Answer the ‘Now test Yourself section’. These are similar to the 1- and 2-mark questions in the exam.
-Complete the 8 mark question in exam practice.
Computing Spend time working on the NEA assessment to ensure that it will be completed the week we come back after the half term break. Revise the key terms list for the assessment in the first week back after the half term.        
Sport studies Sport and the Media - complete upto and finish assignment 3        
Health and Social Care Type up a detailed description of the  factors that positively influence communication which include:- heating and ventilation - room layout - lighting - noise/ lack of background noise. Ensure that you give an example for each in a HSC setting. Send it to me via email before the end of the week and I will mark work and you can work on corrections on the first Monday back at school.        
French  Complete the reading booklet that will be handed in lesson.. The booklet must be handed in on Monday 24th.         
Music Fill in sheet with chord/chord progressions on for Since You've Been Gone. Complete two exam questions, one on Since You've Been gone, and the other on Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, using the resources shared with you in the Googledrive file (see emails for further instructions)        
Art  Complete a series of observational drawings based on your exam question. Using a variety of different materials to show as many skills as possible. Make sure all your artist research is up to date.         
Photography Development shoots 4 and 5 – Final exam. These photographs will be directly linked to your researched photographers and chosen question.        
Drama Using both your digital copy of DNA and your revision guide answer the following questions. 1 Choose a key moment from DNA and explain how an actor could use facial expressions in performance. 2 How would you draw in the audience attention at the very start of DNA (refer to acting and design elements). 3 Describe two ways in which a performer used movement to enhance a scene in a live production you have seen. 4 Give two points about how DNA was originally performed. 5 Explain and justify a rehearsal technique that an actor could use to prepare for the role of Cathy. 6 Describe and justify the lighting and sound you would use for the 'street' setting. 7 Describe one effective use of lighting in a production you have seen. What did it add to to the production? 8 Describe the set for one live production you have seen during the course. What impact did it have on you/ the audience/ the production? 9 Draw the ground plan of a thrust stage. Label the stage, the audience, entrance and exits and any large pieces of set you have for DNA. Why might a Thrust stage be effective?Describe and justify a costume for Phil from DNA.         
Media Studies Complete first draft of entire NEA coursework (including product and redrafted and revised statement of intent) ready for submission. All minimum requirements from your chosen brief MUST be met. This should take a few hours at the very least.         
Creative iMedia Completion of coursework .        
Business Studies Develop your business studies coursework assignment. You need to make sure that you have completed up to section four.         
Hospitality and Catering Practice your final dish at home, working on presentation techniques, use Youtube to help you, take a picture and send to me at [email protected]