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Holmleigh Park High School

End of Year - Important Information for September

A look back at the year, and important information for September

Dear all,

Well - we made it!

It is extremely strange to think that this is the first year in Holmleigh Park's history in which students have been in school all year. It has certainly been a busy one, and I hope you'll agree with me that it has been an extremely successful one. 

This week saw the culmination of the 2021-22 House Competition. Meteor held a narrow lead at the start of the term, but some strong performances in recent contests meant that Hurricane just edged it with a record breaking 4080 points. Congratulations to all of Hurricane, who enjoyed a fair on the field today, complete with an ice cream van. 

Along with announcing Hurricane's success yesterday, we also handed out end of year reports. These are also available to view on Edulink.  My highlight though was attending the celebration assemblies for each years, during which we gave out lots of certificates and of course another round of Academy Colours. You can see the full honours list at the end of this letter. 

I'd also like to state how superb students have been over the past few days. It was certainly extremely hot in school, but students were absolutely brilliant and made a difficult couple of days MUCH easier. I'm very grateful.

Finally, we had a special end to the year this afternoon, with ice creams for all on the playground and a special performance from the cast of the Lion King (and of course, it started raining for the first time as soon as we went out there!). The perfect end to the year!

Information for September

We now turn our attention to September, and as always I have a few key announcements and reminders for next year:

1. Returning to School

Students return to school on Wednesday 7th September. Year 7 and 12 should arrive for 08:30. All other students should arrive for 11:15, coming in through the bottom playground as normal. 

2. Timetables for Next Year

Next year's timetable will be available to view on Edulink from next week. We will also be issuing students with paper copies when they return in September. 

3. Uniform and Equipment

As always, we're very keen to ensure students have a smooth start to the academic year. Please can I ask for your support with making sure your child's uniform is correct. In particular, please can I remind parents of two particular things:

  • First, that trousers should be a sufficient length (down to the shoe, with black socks). 

  • Second, the only facial piercings that can be worn are a single pair of plain silver or gold studs in the earlobe. If your child is planning on getting any additional piercings over the summer, please ensure they do so at the start of the holiday so the piercing can be easily removed by September!

4. Homework

It's important that students have a good break over the holidays, but it's also important that they complete a little bit of work to keep their brains ticking over. We'd therefore encourage students in Year 7 to consider completing the tasks which have been set on Sparx (Year 7 & 8) / Hegarty (Year 9), Tassomai, and Bedrock. 

Students in Year 10 and 12 have particularly important homework as they prepare to go into their exam years. This has been set by each subject and must be completed by the 12th September, so that students who would prefer to use school facilities have the opportunity to do so. 

5. Key Contacts

As I have mentioned in previous emails, there are some changes in the structure of our Senior Leadership Team next year. Mr Hudson joins us as Head of School, and Mr O'Gallagher will be taking over from Mr King as Deputy Head (Pastoral). You can view an up to date contact list here

6. School Bus

We have recently been aware that Tom Dix will no longer be operating the bus service they have run this year. We are currently negotiating with a new contractor and hope to confirm details in the next few days.   

With that said, all that remains is for me to once more thank you for your ongoing support, and to wish the very best of luck to students receiving their GCSE, A Level and BTEC results this summer.

Finally, I hope you and your families have a wonderful summer holiday.

Best wishes,

Mr Farmbrough

Academy Colours - July 2022

Junior Colours


  • Eloise M (Year 7)

  • Samuel B (Year 7)

  • Jac Griffiths (Year 7)

  • Chanae B (Year 8)

  • Dennis G (Year 8)


  • Isla H (Year 7)

  • Eloise M (Year 7)

  • Henry D (Year 7)

  • Oscar M (Year 7)

  • Mya W (Year 7)

  • Ava T (Year 7)

  • Taylor H (Year 7)

  • Rhiannon G (Year 7)

  • Dominik D (Year 7)

  • Tarryn B  (Year 7)

  • Harley M (Year 7)

  • Theodore M (Year 7)

  • Isla H (Year 7)

  • Gbolabo O (Year 7)

  • Daniella O (Year 8)

  • Thomas E (Year 8)

  • Tianna R (Year 8)

  • Malgorzata W (Year 8)


  • Alesha R  (Year 7)

  • Laila Mae B (Year 7)

  • Emily K  (Year 7)

  • Kayn K (Year 8)

  • Rhys A (Year 8)

  • Evie W (Year 8)

  • Ashlee S (Year 8)

  • Hollie B (Year 8)


  • Mckenzie L (Year 7)

  • Erin-May J (Year 7)

  • Giovanni Z (Year 7)

  • Kaci Jane B (Year 7)

  • Isla H (Year 7)

  • Anelia S (Year 7)

  • Riley S (Year 8)

  • Maizie-Jayne B (Year 8)

Half Colours


  • Ryan B (Year 9)

  • Jacob D (Year 9)

  • William B (Year 9)

  • Nazar P (Year 10)

  • Jaiden D (Year 10)

  • Cristian M (Year 10)

  • Jay L (Year 10)


  • Oliver C (Year 9)

  • Archie F (Year 9)

  • Ethan B (Year 9)

  • Daniel IP (Year 9)

  • Lewis P (Year 9)

  • Finlay G (Year 10)

  • Joe W (Year 10)

  • Jack Griffiths (Year 10)

  • Sam TG (Year 10)

  • Maddie W (Year 10)


  • Kismat L (Year 9)

  • Shahla Z (Year 9)

  • Kaitlyn D (Year 9)

  • Ethan L (Year 9)

  • Will S (Year 9)

  • Barnaby W (Year 9)

  • Paula OO (Year 10)

  • Osariemen OE (Year 10)

  • Maddie W (Year 10)

  • Alexia M (Year 10)


  • Barnaby W (Year 9)

  • Zahira M (Year 9)

  • Lauren C (Year 9)

  • Sarusan S (Year 9)

  • Josh G (Year 9)

  • Allison M (Year 10)

  • Finlay G (Year 10)

  • Jack G (Year 10)

Full Colours


  • Nellie S (Year 12)


  • Kamila A (Year 12)

  • Izzy C (Year 12)


  • Kye Barnes  (Year 12)