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Holmleigh Park High School

Swanage Trip

Year 12 geography field trip to the Jurassic coastline July 2019

This trip is a wonderful way to see the aspects we study in the real world, in the best classroom. We study the coast and all its features but also a little tourism and energy security. All important, not only for A level studies, but in understanding the world in which we live.


Day 1 - M Blakeway 

We started our field trip.. late! Thank you Mr Johnson. After finally locating him, we finally set of on our long journey. After our breakfast pit stop, a concerned expression arose on Mr Johnson face as he realised he had misplaced his mobile device. After great worry, he’d come to the conclusion, he had left with it! Hurst castle spit was where the geography really began. We learned about the formation of a salt marsh, also identifying a salt water plant... spartina towensendii. We paced through the lesson and to our surprise an ice cream van pulled up. Mr whippy? More like Mr Pricey!

Our next destination was Barton On Sea. As we arrived, we explored the dangers of the beach and studied whether the attempts to protect the cliff have been successful. To our surprise the erosion was worse then we expected!

Before carrying on Mrs Marsden-Green demanded for the 10th time (I’m counting) that we put sun cream on. We surveyed people about their thoughts on the rates of Erosion and the impacts on where they live.

Back to the van and 20 cheesey songs later, we arrived at the hotel, where we dumped our stuff and went straight to the beach! As Mr Johnson whipped up his home made coleslaw, we went for a paddle. To our surprise, the burgers were properly cooked and quite delicious! We rushed back to the hotel to watch the game, and luckily remembered to pick up King Thomas from the train station. All tucked up in bed by 10pm ready for tomorrow.


Day 2 - Z Zakhil

As I woke up well before 7, I swiftly got ready and attempted to wake my fellow roommate King Thomas, which I failed at miserably. We were late and got the most chilling death stares ever! After that we hopped in the minibus and headed down to have breakfast. 

After the ferry we went to Kimmeridge to study the energy production here. I couldn’t believe to see a working oil well. We followed this with some fossil hunting. My new Jordan’s didn’t like the mud and sea weed we trailed through! 

We then headed to Studland to study this tourist hotspot and conduct a psammosere study. We looked at the sand dunes but listened to King screaming and whining every time he saw a spiders web never mind the actual spiders. In the evening, back in Bournemouth we took a trip to whetherspoons to have a meal. Followed by some amazing bubble waffles! We finished the day at the beach to burn some calories and attempt to unclog our arteries with a game of beach football. I realised how hard it really was to run in sand, but I was on the winning team 15/3 (Tandy/King/George - we thrashed you!)

After that tiring gym session we went back to the hotel where we spent the rest of the night recovering from the trauma of the day. (Especially King)

Day 3 - K Thomas

We started the day in a frantic rush, as we woke up 10 minutes later than the leaving time. We then proceeded to get changed in seconds fearing we had been left behind. He darted downstairs only to find nothing but an empty lobby. We had been tricked, given an earlier start than all the others. As if I’m ever late!

We then began our voyage to the distinctive Durdle Door and Man O War. We had seen this in photos but was amazing in real life. Mrs MG spoke rocks for quite some time! We then walked at least 25km to Lulworth Cove and spoke more rocks. We then ate ice cream, a lot of ice cream!

After a trip to Peveril Point, to study more rocks we walked into Swanage and enjoyed fish and chips on the beach.

To finish the day we walked to Old Harry’s rocks along a beach with the management strategy of abandonment. The collapsing cliff with trees on the beach was quite impressive. At Old Harry we discussed more rocks !

We finished the day again with another game of football on the beach. Mrs MG was still discussing rocks !