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Holmleigh Park High School

Election of a Parent Governor

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Dear all,

As you may be aware, since opening, Holmleigh Park has been accountable to the Board of Trustees of the Greenshaw Learning Trust.

With Gloucester Academy joining the trust on 1st June, the Board has approved the creation of a Local Governing Body, which will be responsible for overseeing our three Gloucester Schools - Henley Bank, Gloucester Academy and Holmleigh Park. I am including below a summary of the key information:

"The governing body will have one parent governor and one staff governor from each school alongside a team of Trust governors - the parent governors do not ‘represent’ parents, but bring a parent's perspective to the governing body. We are therefore seeking applications from interested parents or carers to take up the role of parent governor for Holmleigh Park High School on the new governing body.

The governing body plays an important role in the oversight and leadership of the schools, as a key element of accountability in the governance of the Trust as a whole. The role of the governor is both rewarding to the individual and invaluable to the school. Governors need to need to be supportive of the values of the Trust and the school and able to challenge school leaders without interfering in the operational running of the school. They do not require any specific experience, and support and training is provided.

The governing body normally meets six times per year.  Governors will also be asked to take on particular tasks in relation to the work of the governing body and the school, including serving on ad-hoc committees, visiting the school and meeting with members of staff, and taking part in training and development activities.

If you are interested in being the parent governor, please read the attached document ‘info for new governors’ that describes the role of the governing body and the rules on a person’s eligibility to be a governor, and the GLT Code of Conduct.

If you wish to stand for election, please complete the application form attached and return it to Julie Adams ([email protected]) by 17:00 on Friday 12th June.

If more than two applications are received a ballot will be held in which all parents and carers at the school may vote and the applicants’ personal statements will be made available to them to inform their vote."

I hope you consider standing for election, and look forward to working with the new Local Governing Body. 

Yours faithfully,

Patrick Farmbrough