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Holmleigh Park High School

Letter from the Head, 15th November 2019

Dear all,

We have had an absolutely fantastic week, despite some very challenging weather!

On Monday, the school gathered under a cold sun for Armistice Day. I was incredibly proud of how mature and respectful the entire school were throughout the Act of Remembrance, and I was delighted that much of the ceremony was led by some of our students who are part of their local cadet forces.

On a different note, today was Children In Need day. I was delighted to see students contributing to our bake sale and tombola, and being so generous in their donations. We have raised several hundred pounds for an important cause.

Year 11 have completed their first week of mock examinations. We have been absolutely blown away by how well they have approached the exams – they’ve been revising hard, and have given their all in each paper. And it’s paid off – although we have only just started marking their papers, the initial signs are very promising!

The new canteen is continuing to be popular, offering a wider range of more nutritional, but healthier food. A small number of students are yet to activate their parent pay accounts – it is essential this is done over the weekend so that your child is able to purchase food on Monday. 

Finally, I want to once again thank you and your children for the fantastic response to our rules and expectations. A turn in the weather like we’ve experienced this week tends to result in a decline in behaviour in most schools. Not so here – we have had fewer detentions, OSP referrals and exclusions this week that at any other point in Holmleigh Park’s History, and we have had our best attendance yet this week. The school continues to get better every single day – if you haven’t had a chance yet please do come in and visit so you can see the progress for yourself.

With best wishes,

Patrick Farmbrough