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Holmleigh Park High School

Year 10 Photography Trip to Bristol Dockside

Some people might say that for them the start of Wimbledon is the start of summer, for me it is the annual trip to Bristol Dockside.  Our visit on Tuesday 2nd July we returned for our 9th year and (as always!) it was superb.  The weather was perfect, lots of warm sunshine (excellent for bright photographs with good contrast) and some wispy clouds (to give us some respite as well as interest in the sky of our photographs). 

During our walk around the Dockside students created photographs on several themes, gathering regularly to be briefed on what they should look for on the next ‘leg’ of the walk.  Contact sheets will be created to reflect themes such as ‘knots, ropes and masts’ and ‘negative space’. 

One of the highlights of the day was watching the students on board ‘The Matthew’, which is currently moored outside the MShed. 

Students also posed for each other in front of a graffiti wall outside Spike Island studios, then visited a Banksy artwork (Girl With a Burglar Alarm Earring) before making the return journey to the coach.  Needless to say  I was very impressed with the conduct and effort demonstrated by all of our wonderful photographers. 

They have made a fantastic start to their final course work unit ‘Urban Portrait’, I look forward to seeing their work.  My thanks to Miss Fanning and Mrs Laing for supporting the trip.

Mrs Kingston