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Holmleigh Park High School

Contact Staff

Leadership Team

Name Contact Information
Patrick Farmbrough - Headteacher [email protected]
A Park [email protected]
J King

[email protected]

R Seward [email protected]
C Marsden-Green [email protected]
T O'Gallagher [email protected]

Year Team 2019-2020

Name Contact Information
Head of Year 7 - A Screen [email protected]
Head of Year 8 - C Adams [email protected]
Head of Year 9 - C  Thompson [email protected]
Head of Year 10 - T Furleger [email protected]
Head of Year 11 - C Ogden [email protected]
Head of Year 12 - J Enderby [email protected]
Head of Year 13 - G Robinson [email protected]



Deputy Head of Year 7 - E Lewis [email protected]
Deputy Head of Year 8 - G Hlad [email protected]
Deputy Head of Year 9 - K Reeks [email protected]
Deputy Head of Year 10 - S Diaco [email protected]
Deputy Head of Year 11 - A Browning [email protected]

Curriculum Team 

Name Contact Information
Head of Art - J Skuse [email protected]
Head of Business Studies - J Kavanagh [email protected]
Head of Citizenship [email protected]
Head of English - J Harris [email protected]
Head of Food (DT) [email protected]
Head of Geography [email protected]
Head of Health and Social Care - J Kavanagh [email protected]
Head of History - E Burns [email protected]
Head of ICT - G Tanner [email protected]
Head of Maths - K Barrett [email protected]
Head of Modern Languages - S Guennec [email protected]
Head of PE - J Pugh [email protected]
Head of Photography - Z Kingston [email protected]
Head of RE [email protected]
Head of Science - K Myers [email protected]

Points of Contact

Name Contact Information
SENCO - E Price [email protected]
IT Services Team - N Emery [email protected] - 01452 393813
Facilities Team - J Kilmister [email protected]
Finance Team - General [email protected]
Finance Team - S Wilkinson [email protected]
Attendance Team [email protected]

Careers Lead; Years 7-11; M Lockett

[email protected]