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Holmleigh Park High School

2020-21 - Year 9

Year 9 - Learning outcomes

  • Receive support to make the right KS4/GCSE choices, including assemblies, parents events, meeting with senior staff at the academy and the option of a careers meeting.
  • Explain how you have benefited as a learner from career and work related learning activities and experience

  • Tell your own story about what you are doing to make progress, raise your achievement and improve your wellbeing

  • Recognise the qualities and skills needed for employability and provide evidence for those you have demonstrated both in and out of the academy

  • Recognise when you are using the qualities and skills you need to be enterprising

  • Show that you can manage a personal budget and contribute to household and academy budgets

  • Look systematically at the choices and opportunities open to you when you reach a decision point

  • Know how to negotiate and make plans and decisions carefully to help you get the qualifications, skills and experience you need

  • Know how to prepare and present yourself well when going through a selection process

  • Show that you can be positive, flexible and well-prepared at transition points in your life