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Holmleigh Park High School

2020-21 - Year 8

Year 8 - Learning outcomes

  • Explain how you have benefited as a learner from career and work related learning activities and experience.

  • Describe different ways of looking at people’s careers and how they develop

  • Identify different kinds of work and why peoples satisfaction with their working lives varies

  • Describe the organisation and structure of different types of business

  • Be aware of what job and labour market information (LMI) is and what it can do for you

  • Identify how to stand up to stereotyping and discrimination that is damaging to you and those around you

  • Be aware of the laws and by-laws relating to young people’s permitted hours and type of employment; and know how to minimise health and safety risks to you and those around you

  • Recognise when you are using the qualities and skills you need to be enterprising