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Holmleigh Park High School

2020-21 - Year 10

Year 10 - Learning outcomes

  • Key activities: work experience and mock business interviews

  • Lessons include preparing to find and carry out work experience placements; CVs, applications and interview technique in preparation for mock business interviews; understanding post-16 options. These activities are supplemented with after-the academy support sessions with PC access.

  • Recognise how you are changing, what you have to offer and what’s important to you

  • Be positive about your own story and the responsibility you are taking for your own progress, achievement and wellbeing

  • Explain key ideas about career and careers development

  • Explain different types of business, how they operate and how they measure success

  • Find relevant job and labour information (LMI) and know how to use it in career planning

  • Recognise and challenge stereotyping, discrimination and other barriers to equality, diversity and inclusion, and know your rights and responsibilities in relation to these issues

  • Build and make the most of your personal network of support including making effective use of impartial careers information, advice and guidance

  • Show that you have acquired and developed qualities and skills to improve your employability

  • Show that you can be enterprising in the way you learn, carry out work and plan your career

  • Research your education, training, apprenticeships, employment and volunteering options including information about the best progress pathways through to specific goals

  • Know how to make important plans and decisions carefully including how to solve problems and deal appropriately with influences on you

  • Know your rights and responsibilities in a selection process and the strategies to use to improve your chances of being chosen

  • Review and reflect on previous transitions to help you improve your preparation for future moves in education, training and employment